Pit head

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the surface of the ground at the mouth of a pit or mine.

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At the same instant a tall, loose-framed young man with a clean-shaved, earnest face advanced eagerly towards the pit head.
To boost supply to Thermal Power stations, a strategic decision has been taken to ensure coal supply from pit head to power stations located within 50 Kms.
However, why in the eastern valleys after 30 years of the industry's demise are we still inflicted with the scars of remaining spoil tips and other relics such as the Penallta Pit Head site?
Cwm Rhondda Ales Pit Head Golden Ale, 4% ABV, 500ml bottle.
It shows the bronze figure of a miner with his hand on a pit head wheel, and was created by sculptor Tom Maley and commissioned by the Ellington Memorial Group which included representatives of the National Union of Mineworkers, UK Coal and Ellington Parish Council.
The alarm was raised on Tuesday when the roof collapsed in a seam more than three miles from the pit head.
A new occupier is being sought for the building which dates back to 1933 when it was first used as shower/ bath block at the pit head of the Mid Cannock Mine.
Emphasising that water has become a problem in coal-based projects, Keshari further said, "We have shifted the site of two pit head locations to coastal areas due to availability of water from the sea".
Pictured far right is the colliery pit head winding gear, which has long since been removed.