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 (ĕt′rōg, -rəg, ĕt-rôg′)
n. pl. et·rogs also et·ro·gim (ĕt-rə-gēm′)
1. A western Asian tree (Citrus medica var. etrog) having white flowers and sour yellow fruit.
2. The fruit of this tree, used ceremonially in the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

[Aramaic and Mishnaic Hebrew 'etrōg, from Middle Persian wādrang, citron; akin to Sankrit māṭuluṅgam, from a source akin to Tamil mātaḷai, mātuḷai and Malayalam mātalam.]
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The children spent their time drumming on Djembe and Darabooka drums as the duo, dressed in traditional African attire, taught them how to feel the rhythm using different techniques on the drums through a dance called Pitam.
10, KP Block, Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034 Website: http://www.
900 approx for two (without drinks); Hotel City Park, Pitam Pura; tel: (011) 2731 0101-09
spokesman Jai Pitam said production is down because of strikes, rainy weather and absenteeism in the Caribbean's largest sugar producing nation.
But as their numbers grew, the families began shifting to various other parts of the city including Budh Vihar, Pitam Pura and Azadpur.
Pitam Chandra, Indian Council of Agricultural Research
12-14 tasya vastram visalaksyah pitam raktadasam subham, sthitayah parvatasyagre maruto 'paharac chanaih / sa dadarsa tatas tasya vrttav uru susamhatau, stanau can pinau sahitau sujatam caru cananam / tam visalayatasronim tanumadham yasasvinim, drstvaiva subha sarvangim pavanah kamamohitah "As the long-eyed woman stood on the mountain top, the Wind gently carried away her beautiful yellow clothing with its red border.
Tenders are invited for Supply, stacking Good Earth, Cdm, Red Bajri, Jamuna Sand, Repair Of Children Equipments, Supply Of Plants,Providing and fixing Of Dust Bins, P/F Precast Concrete Bench, Supply Of Neem Oil Cake, Chemical Emulsion And Complete Maintenance Of Garden Etc At Site For 12 Months in connection with Maintenance Operation Park Plantation trucks and other equipments in Horticulture Wing NA II M/o Distt Park SP/ TP Block Pitam Pura
The analysis below highlights how each of these cases is useful for revealing the loss of a particular factor: Almitra Patel (145) for the loss of individuality and contribution; Pitam Pura (146) for the loss of intent; and Okhla Factory Owners (147) for the loss of history.
Francois Gros, a French national received the Kural Pitam Award for the year 2008-09.