Pitcairn Island

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Pit·cairn Island

A volcanic island of the southern Pacific Ocean east-southeast of Tahiti. Inhabited in prehistoric times by Polynesian peoples and rediscovered by the British in 1767, it was settled in 1790 by mutineers from H.M.S. Bounty and has been administered by Britain since 1838. Descendants of the original settlers still live on the island.

Pitcairn Island

(pɪtˈkɛən; ˈpɪtkɛən)
(Placename) an island in the S Pacific: forms with the islands of Ducie, Henderson and Oeno (all uninhabited) a UK Overseas Territory; Pitcairn itself was uninhabited until the landing in 1790 of the mutineers of H.M.S. Bounty and their Tahitian companions. Capital: Adamstown. Pop: 48 (2012 est). Area: 4.6 sq km (1.75 sq miles)

Pit′cairn Is′land

(ˈpɪt kɛərn)
a small British island in the S Pacific, SE of Tuamotu Archipelago: settled 1790 by mutineers of H.M.S. Bounty. 59; 2 sq. mi. (5 sq. km).
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This gentleman is the Honorable McCoy, Chief Magistrate and Governor of Pitcairn Island.
The PYRENEES was swept within a hundred yards of it before the wind carried her clear, and at this moment the panting crew, its work done, burst out in a torrent of curses upon the head of McCoy --of McCoy who had come on board, and proposed the run to Mangareva, and lured them all away from the safety of Pitcairn Island to certain destruction in this baffling and terrible stretch of sea.
This old man was merely the seed of McCoy, of McCoy of the BOUNTY, the mutineer fleeing from the hemp that waited him in England, the McCoy who was a power for evil in the early days of blood and lust and violent death on Pitcairn Island.
Seven knots was her speed when everything favoured, and we'd had a two weeks' gale to the north'ard of New Zealand, and broke our engines down for two days off Pitcairn Island.
In addition to looking at music on Norfolk Island that is influenced by outside music, Hayward also speaks of how the island's language and heritage is found in song; it is done through a context of musicians identifying with being a descendant of settlers of Pitcairn Island.
Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific was the centre of child abuse allegations
Dea Birkett is author of Serpent In Paradise, a book about her time on Pitcairn Island.
This March, the British government announced the creation of the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve, which was proposed by Pew in partnership with the Pitcairn Island Council in 2013.
The UK Government will be working with the Pitcairn Island Government to assess the current and future energy needs, including green options such as solar power.
PITCAIRN Island has picked the sister of convicted rapist Steve Christian to be the first woman mayor in its 214-year history.
Judgment day has arrived for the seven Pitcairn Island men charged with numerous child sex offences.
It was taken ashore by crewman John Adams - the sole surviving mutineer found on Pitcairn Island in 1809.