Pitch and toss

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a game played by tossing up a coin, and calling "Heads or tails;"

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So violently did the Ghost, pitch and toss and tumble that it was impossible for even the sailors to move about without holding on, and several times, after a cry of "Now she takes it
If it wasn't for wengeance, I'd play at pitch and toss with it on the losing hazard.
With his beer every day, and money in his pocket to pitch and toss with, if he can't spend it.
You'd get pavement dice games confined mostly to the Docks and old Tiger Bay but no district was without its pitch and toss school.
In 1909 Rudyard Kipling, while in Grangetown visiting his cousin Bert, a pastry cook with Bruton's the baker (he'd go on to start his own business) was taken across to Seven Oaks Park (The Tan) to see the town's biggest and best pitch and toss school.
If you can make one heap of all your winnings, and risk it on one turn of pitch and toss.
THE age-old pastime of pitch and toss was a favourite game in schools and mining communities dating back to at least the 18th Century.
Pitch and toss is exclusive to iPad and can feature up to four players going head-to-head.
Allison built up publicity beforehand with a viral campaign on Facebook and Twitter, including one teaser post which referenced the oftenquoted pitch and toss segment of Rudyard Kipling's famous poem "If".
There'd be side bets, of course and a recreation of a pitch and toss school should be included in our Cardiff Museum with traditional old Cardiff characters and their traditional old Cardiff cries.
Once those cries echoed in every corner of Cardiff - in Cyncoed, of course, they used half crowns instead of pennies - but where can you find a pitch and toss school today?
A game of pitch and toss - it used to be the most popular way to gamble in Cardiff