Pitch line

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(Gearing) an ideal line, in a toothed gear or rack, bearing such a relation to a corresponding line in another gear, with which the former works, that the two lines will have a common velocity as in rolling contact; it usually cuts the teeth at about the middle of their height, and, in a circular gear, is a circle concentric with the axis of the gear; the line, or circle, on which the pitch of teeth is measured.

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It is awkward when people come up to you on the pitch line and say 'can I speak to mum?
Contract Notice: Supply and fit new 50mm dia ms fixed tubular handrail set at a height of 600mm above pitch line of existing access steps.
And it's thanks to the donation of a pitch line marker from Ripponden Parish Council.
South Bank Football Community Association received a PS346 grant and has just taken delivery of a new pitch line marker for community matches.
Since your tablet does not have great-sounding speakers, you will need an external speaker system that packs a punch, says the pitch line.
Rod Dreher's identification of a "crunchy con" movement got caught in this trap; he sounds like an adman whose pitch line is, "Buy our product because you hate consumerism
Church for people who've given up on church" is their pitch line.
I think we can safely say there will be goals galore in this one,plus a pitch line eruption of Biblical proportions as football's answer to Mount Vesuvius smoulders over every injustice.
0]/R) that the curved pitch lines make, relative to the nominal pitch line direction, at a distance [w.
If I could get 242 people to read my pitch line for "Blue Christmas" in one week, it would be about 230 more people than had listened to my pitch over the past five years," said Schmidt.