Pitch point

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(Gearing) the point of contact of the pitch lines of two gears, or of a rack and pinion, which work together.

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Given the very low pricing in China and the decline in the European market, this is a very heavy pitch point being felt by every solar manufacturer in the U.
In this figure, A, E, C denote the beginning of engagement, end of engagement and pitch point of the pinion, respectively.
The transcription system follows INTSINT (INternational Transcription System for INTonation) developed by Hirst and Di Cristo (1998) for use specifically with French and English, where [A] (Higher) and [B] (Lower) represent pitch points relatively higher or lower than the immediately preceding pitch point; [D] (Downstep) and [E] (Upstep) represent a slight downstepping (lowering) or upstepping (raising) of pitch relative to the preceding point (and are used in this paper to indicate smaller pitch changes than those transcribed as Higher or Lower); and [F] (Top) and [G] (Bottom) represent more extreme high and low values with respect to the speaker's vocal range.
Sporting pitch points at 48-51 and although the last two meetings in Joburg have ended with scorelines of 40-26 and 46-40, today's meeting may not hit those heights.
The new "Rules by Area" feature allows users to define a specific set of design rules within a polygon which are automatically defined, allowing designers to meet packaging requirements, such as the fine pitch points of ball grid array (BGA).
They can also step up their victory efforts today knowing they will not receive a pitch points penalty after two eventful timber-tumbling days.
IG pitch points at 43-46 tonight, and that looks high enough to warrant a sell as a reshuffled Falcons side may struggle for continuity.
It was still a high-scoring affair, as the Falcons prevailed 28-25, and Sporting pitch points at 47-50 for tonight's contest against Wasps.
Sporting pitch points as low as 40-43 in the USA v Tonga clash, which could well be tight as the Americans tackled well and competed for 80 minutes against England on Saturday.
IG pitch points at 43-46 while Sporting go 46-49, but it is hard to judge who is out of line as so much depends on the opening exchanges.
They pitch points at 50-53 and shirts at 68-73 - both quotes on the high side for any game, let alone one likely to be played in wind and rain - and they have created small arbs in the process.
IG pitch points as low as 42- 45, and it is hard to take issue with their stance.