pitch pipe

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pitch pipe

A small pipe that, when sounded, gives the initial pitch for a piece of music or the standard pitch for tuning an instrument.

pitch pipe



(Instruments) a small pipe, esp one having a reed like a harmonica, that sounds a note or notes of standard frequency. It is used for establishing the correct starting note for unaccompanied singing

pitch′ pipe`

a small flute or reed pipe producing one or more pitches when blown into.
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Noun1.pitch pipe - a small pipe sounding a tone of standard frequency; used to establish the starting pitch for unaccompanied singing
pipe - a tubular wind instrument
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Cora betrayed a disposition to support her sister, and the sacred song proceeded, after the indispensable preliminaries of the pitchpipe, and the tune had been duly attended to by the methodical David.
If you have an old pitchpipe similar to the one in this drawing, hold on to it.
The first line is based on a passage in the "Monograph on Pitchpipes and Calendrical Affairs" [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in the Han shu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (official history of the Han dynasty): (45) "The primal energy of the Supreme Ultimate contains three as one.