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Pitt 1

 (pĭt), William First Earl of Chatham. Known as "Pitt the Elder." 1708-1778.
British political leader and orator who directed his country's military effort during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763).

Pitt 2

 (pĭt), William Second Earl of Chatham. Known as "Pitt the Younger." 1759-1806.
British prime minister (1783-1801 and 1804-1806). He accomplished the Act of Union between Ireland and Britain (1800) but was unsuccessful in his efforts to achieve Catholic emancipation.


1. (Biography) William Bradley, born 1963, US actor; his films include Thelma and Louise (1991), Interview with the Vampire (1994), Fight Club (1999), Babel (2006), and Moneyball (2011)
2. (Biography) William, known as Pitt the Elder, 1st Earl of Chatham. 1708–78, British statesman. He was first minister (1756–57; 1757–61; 1766–68) and achieved British victory in the Seven Years' War (1756–63)
3. (Biography) his son William, known as Pitt the Younger. 1759–1806, British statesman. As prime minister (1783–1801; 1804–06), he carried through important fiscal and tariff reforms. From 1793, his attention was focused on the wars with revolutionary and Napoleonic France



1. William, 1st Earl of Chatham, 1708–78, British statesman.
2. his son William, 1759–1806, British prime minister 1783–1801, 1804–06.
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Noun1.Pitt - a British playwright who created the fictional character Sweeney Todd (1799-1855)Pitt - a British playwright who created the fictional character Sweeney Todd (1799-1855)
2.Pitt - English statesman and son of Pitt the Elder (1759-1806)
3.Pitt - English statesman who brought the Seven Years' War to an end (1708-1778)
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