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 (pēt-sĕl′ā, pĭt-sĕl′)
A thin, crisp Italian cookie that is baked in an iron and resembles a waffle, often flavored with anise.

[From Italian, pl. of pizzella, a pizzelle, from diminutive of pizza, pie, tart, pizza; see pizza.]


(Cookery) cookery US a type of sweet wafer biscuit like a thin crisp waffle, originally made in Italy
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Exemplified by the appearance of more comfortable, ergonomic handles several years ago, the processes of redesigning, remodeling, or simply tweaking existing products to make them better, such as a nine-inch square cake pan with pop-out sides that enable bar cookies or brownies to be cut and served on the base (available from Berndes), or multiple-use items such as the VillaWare Interbake3 Interchangeable Baker that is a combination waffle maker, pocket sandwich maker and pizelle maker in one, will continue to challenge manufacturers.
com houses an archive of past year's editions of 12 Days of Cookies, so visitors can access such appetizing delicacies as chocolate-dipped hazelnut shortbread, chocolate peppermint pizelle, and stained glass wreath cookies, anytime.
Pizelle makers and rollers are a great addition to an ice cream display, along with ice cream cone holders and ice cream cookbooks.
Richard is half Italian, and the menu includes Italian items such as Mortadella sandwiches and pizelles, pastries dusted with powdered sugar and made with lemon or orange extract.
The bakery also unloads lots of equally hearty Italian pizelles this time of year.
EDGECRAFT Chef'sChoice International PizellePro Express Bake from Edgecraft is perfect for making pizelles and other treats.