Placentia Bay

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Pla·cen·tia Bay

 (plə-sĕn′chə, -shə)
An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Newfoundland, Canada.
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Here we consider how women who married into new families and communities in the Placentia Bay area of the province over a fifty year period (1943-1993) negotiated a place for themselves.
Cet article traite de la situation des femmes qui sont integrees a de nouvelles familles et de nouvelles communautes dans la region de Placentia Bay sur une periode de 50 ans (1943-1993), alors qu'elles doivent negocier leur place dans la communaute.
The Foleys had moved from their native Placentia Bay to chase work, lured by talk of the new mill towns.
August 9-12, 1941: Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill secretly met for the first time.
French fishing villages were scattered along Placentia Bay, while the English occupied the east side of the Avalon Peninsula, from Ferryland to St.
He owns his own small boat and works the near-coastal waters around Placentia Bay, landing fish ashore at the end of the day.
NLRC) has selected UOP to supply technology, basic engineering services and equipment for a new fuel refinery to be built in the Placentia Bay area of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Under the terms of the Anglo-American destroyer-for-bases deal in 1940, the United States obtained 99 year leases and began building bases at Fort Pepperrell, Fort McAndrew, Argentia, Placentia Bay and Harmon Field at Stephenville.
JOHN'S, Newfoundland And Labrador -- Altius (TSX VENTURE:ALS) reports that Newfoundland and Labrador Refining Corporation, a newly incorporated private company it has co-founded with investors from Ireland and the United Kingdom, has announced a 3-stage feasibility study to evaluate the economic viability of an oil refinery at Placentia Bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.