Placid Lake


 (plăs′ĭd), Lake
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In 1817 an attempt was made to build a wooden bridge across the lake, but it foundered when its piers collapsed and strewed 7,000 board feet of lumber onto the placid lake water.
Families can enjoy a relaxing journey down a shaded creek or across a wildlife-rich wetlands pond, a wide-open paddle across a placid lake, or an exciting run of Trinity River "whitewater" within view of the Dallas skyline.
Just risen from the mirror's placid lake While time melts like
In fact, it's a pleasure cruiser sailing on a placid lake, gliding into view from a distance.
Stakes winner Placid Lake, who added a third in the recent Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Turf at Santa Anita to her stakes score in Arizona in early January, was knocked down to agent John Lossen for EUR320,000 to top the session.
Her search to find her missing wing will take her from a great gate to a busy street to the shores of a placid lake.
Slicing the air in the repetitive diagonal jetes, he barely touched the floor before becoming airborne again like a smooth stone skimming the surface of a placid lake.
THE STORY: Quirky teenager Placid Lake (Lee) is a misfit whose only friend is intellectual schoolmate Gemma (Byrne).
In the big-screen debut of musician-turned-actor Ben Lee, the strangely named Placid Lake is the nerdy son of self-centred hippy parents.
CURSED with hippie parents and a nerdy personality, Placid Lake (Ben Lee) has been the school outsider from as far back as he can remember.
The image of Campbell's futuristic machine, powering along yet barely touching the flat, placid lake, has been replayed a thousand times.
Here, a busy schedule means wandering antique shops and museums in the morning, lunching by a placid lake at noon, then stopping as the sun goes down to sip something mellow in the tasting room of one of 60-plus local wineries.