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Noun1.keratoscope - medical instrument to examine the cornea in order to detect irregularities in its anterior surface
medical instrument - instrument used in the practice of medicine


n. queratoscopio, instrumento para examinar la córnea.
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The AL-Scan device (Nidek Co, Ltd, Gamagori, Japan), which combines PCI measures of AL with a Scheimpflug camera for assessing anterior eye parameters; the Galilei G6 biometer (Ziemer, Port, Switzerland), which combines interferometry-based measures of AL with Placido disc corneal topography and anterior segment Scheimpflug imaging; and the Pentacam AXL device (Oculus Optikgerate GmbH, Wetzlar, Germany), which combines PCI measures of AL with Scheimpflug imaging of the anterior segment.
7,8,9,10,11) Sirius (CSO, Italy) is a corneal tomography device which combines Scheimpflug photography analysis with the classic Placido disc technology.
The Topcon CA-200F corneal analyser uses the historic principles of Placido Disc to assess the curvature of the anterior cornea by interpreting reflections from the tear film.