Plain dealer

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One who practices plain dealing
A simpleton

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You don't suppose, I hope, that you are the only plain dealer in the world?
DCT), a Cleveland-based Internet service provider (ISP) in business class cloud, data and voice solutions, has been awarded a Top Workplaces honor by The Plain Dealer for the second consecutive year, the company said.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported in November that 118 groups have received public money under the program, and only 16 are non-religious.
He previously led the Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer and the St.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-June 30, 2015-Cleveland Plain Dealer names First National Bank as a top workplace in Northeast Ohio
com)-- The Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper, picked Cedar Brook Financial Partners, LLC for the third year in a row, as a top place to work.
According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, police records show Ariel Castro was arrested for domestic violence in 1993, but never indicted.
While it could have been worse -- Newhouse newspapers in Michigan, Louisiana, Alabama and Pennsylvania now only print three days a week -- the family's Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio, said on Thursday that it would trim back home-delivered copies to three days a week while continuing to print and update its web site seven days.
Karl, 61, was quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for a (http://www.
The city has collected more than $65,000 in fines, according to a report from the Plain Dealer newspaper.
Speaking at the 21st Annual One World Day on September 11, 1966, with graffiti stains still clearly evident in the Gardens, Cleveland Plain Dealer publisher and editor Thomas Vail invoked the their symbolic founding principles in the hope that the Gardens could lead the way in healing Cleveland's racial landscape.
I read the story and could not stand the thought of the woman being unable to leave her house over Memorial Day weekend and I knew I had to do something," he related to Cleveland's Plain Dealer.