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1. A fixed or removable cylindrical metal lining used to constrain, guide, or reduce friction.
2. Electricity An insulating lining for an aperture through which a conductor passes.
3. An adapter threaded to permit joining of pipes with different diameters.

[From bush.]


1. (Mechanical Engineering) another word for bush21
2. (Mechanical Engineering) an adaptor having ends of unequal diameters, often with internal screw threads, used to connect pipes of different sizes
3. (Electrical Engineering) a layer of electrical insulation enabling a live conductor to pass through an earthed wall, etc


(ˈbʊʃ ɪŋ)

1. Elect. a lining for a hole, intended to insulate and protect from abrasion one or more conductors that pass through it.
a. a replaceable thin tube or sleeve, usu. of bronze, mounted in a case or housing as a bearing.
b. a replaceable steel tube used as a guide for various tools or parts.
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Noun1.bushing - an insulating liner in an opening through which conductors pass
dielectric, insulator, nonconductor - a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity
2.bushing - a cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction
lining, liner - a protective covering that protects an inside surface
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Hantke is a member of the Industrial Division's Management Board and is responsible for the global sales management for rolling and plain bearing components and systems for around 60 different industrial sectors.
Schaeffler with its product brands INA, LuK and FAG is a leading global provider of rolling bearing and plain bearing solutions and of linear and direct drive technology, as well as a renowned supplier to the automotive industry of high-precision products and systems for engines, transmissions and chassis.
Plain bearing blocks provide great performance in applications with heavy and static loads--typically in halyards, mainsheet systems and boom vangs.
Koring, an engineer who specializes in plain bearings and metallurgy, new technologies, and damage analysis, describes changes in plain bearing technology from its design to materials, production methods, quality, and operation, as well as failures and damages.
Polymer researcher and bearings specialist igus UK has introduced a new heavy-duty plastic plain bearing.
The ELGES range of rod ends from Schaeffler (UK) Ltd is made from alloy steel and comprises a housing with internal or external threaded stem (spigot) and a maintenance-free spherical plain bearing.
Relocating to Central Park will enable us to further our existing reputation for excellence in plain bearing technology.
ZOLLERN Announces Development of White Metal Plain Bearing Alloy with High Strength
Every second plain bearing made by igus is assembled in automobiles.
A revised assembled roller bearing camshaft design--the bearings are fitted directly onto the camshaft without an inner ring--replaced the plain bearing configuration and a 5-micron thick diamond-like coating was added, resulting in a 30% reduction in camshaft friction.
The Schaeffler Group makes a decisive contribution to "mobility for tomorrow" with high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications.
Further fuel savings have been discovered on the powertrain side by replacing traditional plain bearing camshaft configurations with needle bearings, which have better friction characteristics.