Plain chant

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(Mus.) Same as Plain song, below.
- Chaucer.

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Chanting for chanting, my dear Planchet; I have remarked that nations prefer singing a merry chant to the plain chant.
of rain at the front, the percussive potential of the soldier's helmets, music hall melodies, elegy and plain chant (arguably composer Elliot Davis's most significant gift to the production), dance and stylized movement (contributed by David Bolger and Vanessa Lefrancois) and the concussive sound of the howitzer as it pivots in place and fires.
Flaws are difficult to find on this very fine recording, though the plain chant introduction to Ave maris stella is perhaps a little bit ragged.
If you've ever seen the musical notation, there's nothing but unadorned black dots on the page as the carol is derived from early church plain chant.