Plain dealer

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One who practices plain dealing
A simpleton

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You don't suppose, I hope, that you are the only plain dealer in the world?
I've been praying, never forgot about her, ever," Rogers told The Plain Dealer.
Like its siblings in Ann Arbor, New Orleans, Birmingham, Huntsville and Harrisburg, the Plain Dealer will establish a dual-company structure, with Northeast Ohio Media Group -- which will be led by Andrea Hogben (the Plain Dealer's former senior vice president for sales and marketing) -- handling some editorial and all advertising issues for both print and digital products and The Plain Dealer Publishing Co.
There's this solid anxiety to this period of time for players," Karl told the Plain Dealer.
In 1983, a Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter editorialized, "the Cultural Gardens, intended to be a monument to an ethnically pluralistic society, have instead become a metaphor for divisiveness and hatred, segregation and racism, unfair housing and the poor relations among people that are at the root of so many urban problems.
Simpson was thrilled when she used the new ramp for the first time on Saturday, telling the Plain Dealer, "I always wanted a steel ramp, but I could never afford one.
A Pierre's representative told the Plain Dealer that some workers could be called back if additional labor is needed.
At this time, full cancellations of projects are not expected, however, a spokesman from ODOT tells the Plain Dealer that some projects could be delayed.
Parsley, who according to The Columbus Dispatch and The Plain Dealer has contributed money to Blackwell's campaign, blasted the 31 pastors who signed the complaint and initially were anonymous as a "consortium of liberal clergy.
The governor's spokesman, Mark Rickel, told the Plain Dealer that the governor did not boost hard-liquor taxes because they are already higher than taxes for beer and wine.
Brett's work has been published in such prestigious publications as CASAS Internacional 48; Interior Design; Women's Wear Daily; The Architects Newspaper; Yale Alumni Magazine; The Akron Beacon Journal and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Many of Ohio's largest companies are enacting more specific ethics policies in response to Section 406 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and new NASDAQ and NYSE requirements, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.