plain text

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also plain text  (plān′tĕkst′)
The unencrypted form of an encrypted message. Also called cleartext.

plain text



(Telecommunications) telecomm a message set in a directly readable form rather than in coded groups
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Although the links in the payment-processing chain where data move unencrypted have shrunk over the years, vulnerable plain-text points remain," the article added.
Reventlov found that while some sensitive activities, such as logging in and editing profile data, are encrypted when sent to Instagram, other data was sent in plain-text.
Christian author and speaker Jim George applies his extensive degree learning from Talbot Theological Seminary to The Bare Bones Bible Handbook: 10 Minutes to Understanding Each Books of the Bible, a plain-text, straightforward guide to what the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible have to say.
In the memory damp, the plain-text passwords are visible near to the associated user name or group name, which makes them easy to locate.
Well, if you sit down just once and write a simple plain-text list of the files and directories you always need, arranging the words in an easy format, you'll be able to click a single icon to back up those valuable files from your computer to the device of your choice.
One result of this is that non-Outlook users receive plain-text messages with a bunch of gibberish in an attached file.
Finally, an abbreviated, plain-text version of the newsletter is e-mailed to customers who are set up to receive e-mail.
In-House Solution Offers Businesses Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Transform Plain-Text Transactional Emails into Revenue Opportunities
Easily create new electronic-forms jobs using the low-cost SCS environment and plain-text data instead of IPDS.
The message begins with a dire warning a pending modem tax, a virus that's supposedly passed on by reading a particular plain-text e-mail.
For years, managers relied on the "Morning Report," a plain-text report generated each night by a mainframe and distributed through email.