Plane curve

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(Geom.) a curve such that when a plane passes through three points of the curve, it passes through all the other points of the curve. Any other curve is called a curve of double curvature, or a twisted curve.

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HYPERBOLIC FABRIC--Many of the lines that could be inscribed on this crocheted hyperbolic plane curve away from each other, defying
Take the centre of inlet port entrance section as the origin point, a relative coordinate system is founded, running the law curve command, the generated plane curve form is as Fig.
Other topics include conjugate vectors of immersed manifolds, Thom polynomials and Schur functions, obstructions on fundamental groups of plane curve complements, and exotic moduli of Goursat distributions.
A few years ago, on a crisp autumn day in Cambridge Massachusetts, I attended a lecture entitled Singularities in Algebraic Plane Curves.
This edition integrates innovations during the past decade, primarily in twisted polynomial invariants, singularities of plane curves, knot modules, and nilpotent quotients.
Study some conjectures on rational cuspidal plane curves, Q-acyclic open surfaces and normal surface singulatities with rational homology sphere links, via algebra-geometric and topological techniques.
Elliptic curves are plane curves that are the locus of points satisfying a cubic equation in two variables.
d,[delta]] is the degree of the Severi variety of (possibly reducible) nodal plane curves of degree d with [delta] nodes.