Plane problem

a problem which can be solved geometrically by the aid of the right line and circle only.
(Geom.) a problem that can be solved by the use of the rule and compass.

See also: Plane, Problem

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We consider a plane problem of fracture mechanics for a circular disk weakened by bridged cracks.
Due to these facts the plane problem formulation of a nonlinear deformable solid has been considered as the geometric and physical nonlinearity, and has been used as the moment scheme of finite elements (MSFE) (Bazhenov et al.
Of such a kind of the coordinate systems enable the application the general solution of the plane problem which was given in the paper (Hasanbegovic, 1997, 1998).
He used a finite difference approach to solve the plane problem of steady state diffusion oxidation reaction.
The regime immediately went into attack mode by returning to its standard theme that plane problems are the fault of the Americans for refusing to sell Iran spare parts.
Existing software provides simple limit equilibrium analyses and is limited to plane problems.
But the president criticised speculation that a short rain-slicked runway or plane problems may have been to blame.
She told the audience: "I had all kinds of plane problems but I was very, very sorry not to be with you.
Although a number of riders gave up their mounts because of pressure exerted on them, that was not the case with Steve Drowne, whose plane problems in travelling from Newbury opened the door for McCabe to take his place aboard the Barry Hills-trained Best Flight in the opening maiden handicap.
Good Girl's trainer Tim Easterby went close with Danesmead at Newbury and still had a win on the Berkshire track from Somnus, whose jockey Kevin Darley missed his opening ride with plane problems, but arrived in time for the rest.
Britney Spears had plane problems that kept her from 1,000 fans at an autograph session in Boston.