a.1.(Optics) Having opposite surfaces exactly plane and parallel, as a piece of glass.
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In order to study the cause of nonlinear effects manifestation during the flow of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids in microcrack, stationary and non-stationary fluids flow in plane-parallel and plane radial cracks the experimental investigations were conducted at the unit allowing creation of the plane and radial cracks with different opening [8-10].
1, 2 and 3-6 correspond to the water motion in plane-parallel and plane radial cracks.
Consider the class of parallel mechanisms with a mobile platform which makes a plane-parallel moving, e.
Among his topics are aberrations of a plane-parallel plate, ray spot sizes and diagrams, systems with annular and Gaussian pupils, and random aberrations.
These beds range from massive to plane-parallel strata alternating with cross- stratification layers containing small to medium pebbles (Fernandes and Coimbra, 1996).
Eckart GmbH has been granted a patent for lustrous copper-based metal flakes that contain, in addition to 70-98% weight copper, at least one additional metallic alloy component comprised of 2% to up to 30% weight zinc and are produced via vacuum evaporating of the separate components and wherein each component of the alloy is evaporated separately, deposition of alloy metal films onto a carrier sheet, stripping of the films from the carrier sheet and subsequent comminuting of the films wherein the flakes have plane-parallel surfaces and a thickness of between 20 and 60 nm.
Other topics include the law of refraction as the foundation of geometrical optics, the transition from a thin to a thick lens, systems with two separated components, the single-image mirror, the plane-parallel plate, and details of a hybrid lens.
The guiding system of the lower cup ensures the plane-parallel displacement of the cup.
Wollastonite crystals in binary iPP/W and ternary iPP/W/SEBS composites orientate preferentially plane-parallel to the compression-molded surface.
Due to the fact that shoulders (links 6 and 7) of the output four-link mechanism have the same length and are directed to curvature center of the MCCB technological axes, points of the swinging table 1, which performs plane-parallel movement, move over assigned trajectory.
To determine polarization, these astronomers inserted into the telescope a rotatable plane-parallel double-calcite plate.
has obtained a patent for a pigment comprised of (a) optionally a layer consisting of a metal, (b) at least one layer, which is located between the layers (a) and (c), if a layer (a) is present, and consists of the metal, silicon (Si) and oxygen (O), obtained by calcination of plane-parallel structures (flakes) comprising at least one layer consisting of a metal and at least one layer consisting of Si[O.