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1. Engineering that involves large-scale manipulation of the earth's environment, especially as applied to climate change caused by global warming, as in sequestering carbon or increasing the amount of solar radiation reflected from the earth back into space.
2. Engineering applied to geologic structures, as in building tunnels.

ge′o·en′gi·neer′ n. & v.


(Environmental Science) the application of scientific processes to affect the global environment, esp in order to counter the effects of climate change
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Or if we find a world with a suspiciously unusual day-night pattern of brightness, we might suspect planetary engineering with mirrors or surface alteration.
Perhaps this in turn could be fixed with a high-altitude layer of ultraviolet-absorbing particles, but the difficulty of planetary engineering on Mars is thereby greatly compounded," Sagan and Pollack wrote.
At a recent SPE conference, NASA scientist Brian Glass told about 200 students, "You should consider petroleum engineering--it could become planetary engineering.
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