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n.1.(Zool.) Any fresh-water air-breathing mollusk belonging to Planorbis and other allied genera, having shells of a discoidal form.
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testacea Loew, 1862, larvae of which are polyphagous predators of the freshwater molluscs Physa, Biomphalaria, Lymnaea and Planorbis (Barraclough 1983); lifecycle and biology of S.
The effect of certain inorganic and vegetable substances on the English pond snail Planorbis corneus.
62), for example, invertebrate animals (Planorbis planorbis, Valvata cristata, Stegobium paniceum) are referred to by their Latin names (understandably as many invertebrates lack common names) without pointing out what type of animal (molluscs and insects) they are.