n.1.A former; a fashioner.
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By combining the strengths of the FLUENT and PLASMATOR programs, the bundled product provides the tools needed for reliable semiconductor manufacturing simulation.
PLASMATOR provides a complete chemistry database, including collision cross-sections, attachment, recombination, ionization and dissociation.
PLASMATOR accurately and efficiently models both inductively and capacitively coupled plasma discharges using reaction rates based on a Maxwellian or non-Maxwellian energy distribution and experimentally measured collision cross sections.
The joint FLUENT/ PLASMATOR product will appear as a future release from Fluent.
The coupling of these two products is important because it combines the CFD expertise of FLUENT with the comprehensive plasma physics models of PLASMATOR," said Larry Gochberg, Manager of Computational Modeling and Reliability at Novellus Systems, Inc.