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1. The aggregate of cytoplasmic or extranuclear genetic material in an organism.
2. A quantum of collective electron oscillation in a metal, considered as a quasiparticle and analogous to the oscillations of a plasma consisting of stationary positive ions and a gas of electrons.

[German, from New Latin plasma, plasma; see plasma.]


(Genetics) genetics the sum total of plasmagenes in a cell
[C20: from German, from Greek plasma. See plasma]
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Surface Plasmon (SPs) is coherent delocalized electron oscillations that exist at the interface between any two materials where the real part of the dielectric function changes sign across the interface (e.
Toppan Printing, headquartered in Japan and the world's largest printing company with almost 49,000 employees, recently presented their latest research at this year's Optical Document Security[TM] conference in San Francisco, entitled Transmissive Ultra-Fine Multi-Colour Optical features for DOVIDs Utilising Surface Plasmon Resonance.
Within the project a bimodal industrial prototype will be developed integrating novel surface plasmon resonance imaging and plasmon-enhanced fluorescence sensing technologies, respectively.
Presently, the most popular label-free detection techniques found in the market are Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) sensors [1].
When the collective resonance of valence electrons in the noble metal is equal to the frequency of the incident light, dipolar localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) is generated [4,5], where the incident wave may excite dipolar LSPRs on the surface of the noble metal NPs.
Abstract: Two new solutions of developing highly performing portable surface plasmon resonance phenomenon--based (SPR) biosensors with applications especially in immune detection are described.
Sunvalley Solar has proposed a 'Surface Plasmon PV Concentrator' that is designed for thin film PV cells: the first PV concentrator based on surface plasmon resonance and specifically designed for thin film PV cells.
The plasmon effect increases the efficiency of current production in the molecule by a factor of 400 to 2000 percent, which can then be transported through the network to the outside world.
Plasmon Inc (LSE:PLM), a professional data storage solutions company, announced on Thursday (30 October) enhancements to its UDO Archive Appliance.