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1. The aggregate of cytoplasmic or extranuclear genetic material in an organism.
2. A quantum of collective electron oscillation in a metal, considered as a quasiparticle and analogous to the oscillations of a plasma consisting of stationary positive ions and a gas of electrons.

[German, from New Latin plasma, plasma; see plasma.]


(Genetics) genetics the sum total of plasmagenes in a cell
[C20: from German, from Greek plasma. See plasma]
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These plasmonic nanolasers could be readily integrated into silicon-based photonic devices, all-optical circuits and nanoscale biosensors.
The biochip developed by engineers at Brown University uses plasmonic interferometers and could be used to measure a range of biological and environmental substances.
squaraines) and in hybrid plasmon-exciton architectures, where the photon capture and charge injection efficiency can be enhanced by the interaction with plasmonic fields.
Among specific topics are optoelectronic techniques for generating and detecting terahertz waves, terahertz wireless communications, the resonant field enhancement of terahertz waves in subwavelength plasmonic structures, novel techniques in terahertz near-field imaging and sensing, terahertz frequency metrology based on frequency comb techniques, terahertz applications in tomographic imaging and material spectroscopy, terahertz applications in wood products, and terahertz applications in art conservation.
These so-called plasmonic nanostructures have dramatically enhanced the optical electric field felt by graphene and effectively concentrated light within the one-atom-thick carbon layer.
Stanford University materials scientist Mark Brongersma will discuss recent progress in the development of plasmonic and other nano-sized structures that can increase the efficiency of light absorption and trapping in solar cells.
To this end, plasmonic AuNPs with photothermal capabilities will be surface engineered and supplied to living Hydra by soaking.
The 15 papers consider such topics as a novel plasmonic bio-sensing system based on two-dimensional gold patch arrays for linear and nonlinear regimes, micromachined devices for use in terahertz applications; creating symbiotic jewelery by developing and applying stimulus-responsive smart materials and MEMS, functional radiofrequency devices powered by MEMS technologies, and hydrogel-based microfluidic systems.
In contrast to other plasmonic tweezers, we find that BNAs permit particle trapping, manipulation and sorting utilizing only the optical parameter space, namely, low input power densities, wavelength and polarization," said Brian Roxworthy, a graduate student in Toussaint's research group and first author on the paper, "Application of Plasmonic Bowtie Nanoantenna Arrays for Optical Trapping, Stacking, and Sorting," which appears in the journal Nano Letters.
The chip uses arrays of metal pillars, which have small cavities at their bases and tops and a bunch of plasmonic nanodots on their sides.
This book reviews the fundamentals of plasmonic structures and the metamaterials based on them, and describes applications for guiding and controlling light.
Research highlights photonic and plasmonic nanostructures with applications in optical communications, energy generation and biomedical research