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1. The aggregate of cytoplasmic or extranuclear genetic material in an organism.
2. A quantum of collective electron oscillation in a metal, considered as a quasiparticle and analogous to the oscillations of a plasma consisting of stationary positive ions and a gas of electrons.

[German, from New Latin plasma, plasma; see plasma.]


(Genetics) genetics the sum total of plasmagenes in a cell
[C20: from German, from Greek plasma. See plasma]
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Recent demonstrations of the quantized character of surface plasmons oscillations of electrons bound to photons have spurred research in miniaturized quantum optics with plasmons, known as quantum plasmonics.
The system, an array of nano-sized molecules of gold, respond to electromagnetic waves by creating surface plasmons that induce and project electrical current across molecules, similar to that of photovoltaic solar cells.
Topics covered include advances in the theory, physics and applications of surface plasmons in metals, nanotechnology, biophotonics, sensing, biochemistry and medicine.
The presence of a regular array of holes disturbs the motion of these plasmons, causing them to interact strongly with the electromagnetic fields of photons striking the metal surface.