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Noun1.plastic bag - a bag made of thin plastic materialplastic bag - a bag made of thin plastic material
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
bin liner - a plastic bag used to line a trash or garbage bin
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Contract awarded for acquisition of plastic bags different measures.
Although 5p per bag is a small penalty, the British government expects this would reduce the use of plastic bags that take 500 years to decompose.
Ajman - Five years after the Ajman Municipality issued a ban on the use of plastic bags, about 90 per cent of the commercial outlets in the emirate have made the switch to green alternatives like paper bags.
Bulgariaas Environment Ministry has boasted about a substantial reduction in the use of single-use thin plastic bags over the past two years.
Lots of plastics, especially plastic bags, which are one of the major physical pollutants, exist for hundreds of years, floating around the ocean and taking the lives of many sea creatures, or being eaten and then killing any number of various wild animals.
He asked them think carefully about how many bags they use and suggested times when they could not bother using plastic bags at all.
THE Supreme Court on Tuesday slammed the Centre and states for not enforcing a ban on the manufacture and use of plastic bags despite a clear order issued three years ago.
Beginning in July, large grocery stores, pharmacies and other food retailers in the Golden State will no longer be able to send shoppers home with plastic bags, while convenience markets, liquor stores and other small food retailers will join the ranks a year later.
The State Agency for Architecture, Construction and Public Utilities is working on a draft law prohibiting free distribution of plastic bags in retail chains of Kyrgyzstan.
More and more countries are trying to come up with innovative solutions to curb the abuse of plastic bags.
Often produced inC[degrees] C1/4[euro]unauthorized basement labsC[degrees],C1/4[euro]C[degrees] C1/4non-biodegradable plastic bags litter the streets and pose a considerable health concernC[degrees].
ISLAMABAD -- The government has imposed a ban on manufacturing on import, sale and use of non-degradable plastic bags and other products in federal capital but lack of legislation at provincial level creating hindrances to get concrete results.