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Any of various substances added to plastics or other materials to make or keep them soft or pliable.


(ˈplæstɪˌsaɪzə) or


any of a number of substances added to materials in order to modify their physical properties. Their uses include softening and improving the flexibility of plastics and preventing dried paint coatings from becoming too brittle


(ˈplæs təˌsaɪ zər)

1. any of a group of substances that are used in plastics or other materials to impart viscosity, flexibility, softness, or other properties to the finished product.
2. an admixture for making mortar or concrete workable with little water.


A substance added to polymers and other materials to increase their flexibility.
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Noun1.plasticizer - a substance added to plastics or other materials to make them more pliable
softener - a substance added to another to make it less hard
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In general, with all three lactide plasticizers the same trend can be seen in DMA, although the temperatures of the tan [delta] peak, exceeded by few degrees the [T.
To improve the properties, including higher low-temperature resistance and better processability, rubbers are filled with various plasticizers.
The dibenzoate product offerings will complement Ferro's existing Santicizer[R] family of benzyl phthalate plasticizers, which Ferro will continue to provide to the market.
Their topics include plastizer types, mechanisms of plasticizer action, effects of plasticizers on properties of plasticized materials, plasticizers in various processing methods, and the environmental fate of plasticizers.
Vikoflex 7170 epoxidized soybean oil and Vikoflex 7190 epoxidized linseed oil are high-oxirane, FDA-sanctioned products that reportedly combine optimum heat and light-stabilizing action with true polymeric plasticizer performance.
8220;Worldwide demand for plasticizers will jump to more than 7.
They determined that we can optimize the quality of starch-based edible films if we know how water and plasticizers affect the physical and mechanical properties of these films.
com/research/2vmvrm/handbook_of) has announced the addition of Elsevier Science and Technology's new book "Handbook of Plasticizers.
ESBO is being used as the preferred substitute for phthalate plasticizers by major PVC manufacturers and suppliers globally.
DINP plasticizers are used to give varied physical properties to polymers.
Currently, the cost of alternative plasticizers such as adipates, trimellitates and citrates is 50%, 100%, and 140% higher than that of DEHP, respectively.
The plasticizers are mixtures of styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene copolymer with and without grafted maleic anhydride.