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TR-02 details the construction of a new access road between La Plata County Road 124 and the Company's existing bridge crossing the La Plata River (approximately 1,700 feet).
Some of the areas where Brazil and the OAS have accomplished results which are beneficial to the communities involve projects in Sao Francisco, Amazonas, and La Plata River basins, as well as in the Pantanal region and the Guarani aquifer.
In addition, South America has one of the highest concentrations of mammal species in the world (Ceballos & Ehrlich, 2006), such as the giant otter of the Pantanal, the little red brocket deer of the Andes, and the La Plata river dolphin that inhabits the estuaries of the Atlantic coast.
DOWNRIGHT COOL The waterfall shower is a nice touch, but the biggest draw is the view of the La Plata River, 300 feet below, and the craggy spires of Shiprock on the horizon.
Hochstetler's research centres on environmental movements in Brazil and Venezuela, and a comparison between these and the mobilizations around the La Plata River Basin and the Mercosur.
Currently, this situation would remain, or even tend towards an increase in their occupation in the study region, as well as in de la Plata river riverside (Goya et al.
The warlike state of the [people of the] La Plata River provinces has purged that territory [of Spanish forces] and led their victorious armies to Upper Peru.
The bridge will span over La Plata River, on PR-148 in Naranjito.
Flight 3142 plunged to the ground just before 9pm local time, and bounced down the road before coming to a stop in flames near a golf course along the Rio de la Plata river.