Platanus orientalis

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Noun1.Platanus orientalis - large tree of southeastern Europe to Asia MinorPlatanus orientalis - large tree of southeastern Europe to Asia Minor
genus Platanus, Platanus - genus of large monoecious mostly deciduous trees: London plane; sycamore
plane tree, platan, sycamore - any of several trees of the genus Platanus having thin pale bark that scales off in small plates and lobed leaves and ball-shaped heads of fruits
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He was talking after inaugurating spring tree plantation campaign 2015 by planting a sapling of Platanus Orientalis (Chinar) during a simple but impressive ceremony at lawn of CM House Peshawar.
aegyptiaca, Quercus infectoria and Thalictrum orientale are positive indicators whereas Platanus orientalis and Limodorum abortivum are negative indicators in the unit.
Oertli says that traditionally, most Geneva City plane trees are Platanus x acerifolia, called the "London plane" in English, and fewer than five per cent are the Platanus orientalis, which have slightly different leaves.