Plate wheel

(Mech.) a wheel, the rim and hub of which are connected by a continuous plate of metal, instead of by arms or spokes.

See also: Plate

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Tenders are invited for Wheel Tyre Defect/Condemning Guage As Per Plated 38 Rule 2,8,4 Of Irca,Made Of Hard Alloy Steel Plate Wheel Range-22Mm Make-Pie/Bpi/Tesa.
HOOPLA Layla Mageean, five, with a hula hoop TRICK Danisha Kohli, 10, from Gosforth spins a plate WHEELS Matthew Forster and gran Jane Carr FUN left, Jordan Brown and Chad Frame from Alnwick catch hats on their heads; right, Ben Donaghey, nine, from Durham juggling