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Of or relating to a style of 16th-century Spanish architecture characterized by lavish ornamentation in a variety of motifs, especially Gothic, Renaissance, and Moorish.

[Spanish plateresco, in the manner of a silversmith, Plateresque, from platero, silversmith, from plata, silver; see platina.]


(Architecture) architect relating to the 16th century Spanish architecture and art which is characterized by rich ornamentation in the style of a silversmith
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Among the extensive repertoire of examples we can find through History, it is the splendid plateresque fagade of the University of Salamanca one of the foremost paradigms of symbolism.
I could hardly keep my eyes open to admire the fascinating facade which has been characterized as Plateresque.
The eastern end of the church is dominated by a sixteenth century plateresque altar.
travel/wme16058 Madrid Salamanca & Toledo April 25 and June 3 2010, seven days from pounds 599 Salamanca, home to one of Europe's oldest universities, boasts a wealth of lovely buildings and a highly ornate style of architecture known as Plateresque.
The stylistic input belonged to the high B aroque era with Mannerist or Plateresque ornamentation on the facades - as was the rage in Spain at the time.
The facade of the public university, built between 1415 and 1433, is a complex melange of iconography, considered among the most renowned examples of Spanish Plateresque.