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Of or relating to a style of 16th-century Spanish architecture characterized by lavish ornamentation in a variety of motifs, especially Gothic, Renaissance, and Moorish.

[Spanish plateresco, in the manner of a silversmith, Plateresque, from platero, silversmith, from plata, silver; see platina.]


(Architecture) architect relating to the 16th century Spanish architecture and art which is characterized by rich ornamentation in the style of a silversmith
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travel/wme16058 Madrid Salamanca & Toledo April 25 and June 3 2010, seven days from pounds 599 Salamanca, home to one of Europe's oldest universities, boasts a wealth of lovely buildings and a highly ornate style of architecture known as Plateresque.
The stylistic input belonged to the high B aroque era with Mannerist or Plateresque ornamentation on the facades - as was the rage in Spain at the time.
Completed in 1788, the outside is decorated with elaborate Churrigueresque carvings while the inside features three altars done in ornate Plateresque, Baroque and Chiaroscuro styles.