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A typesetting device that produces very high-resolution output directly from a computer file, as for camera-ready copy.


(ˈɪm ɪdʒˌsɛt ər)
a printer or typesetting machine for producing professional-quality text with extremely high resolution.
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Pages are supplied to platemaking in RIPped TIFF G4 data format, then fed directly to the platesetter using Kodak's TIFF Downloader software.
It offers valuable cost savings for our Dimension platesetter customers in the 2-up to 8-up print markets.
Three years earlier, Agfa acquired another major competitor, platesetter supplier Autologic Information International.
Purchased in June, the Fuji's Saber Luxel Vx-9600 eight-page platesetter, has been nothing short of a solid high quality addition to JenMar's already high tech and industry leading company.
Basch's device catalog includes the Panthera[R] 800 II CTP platesetter (A1 size offset printing), Panthera[R] 500G Flexo/relief/offset CTP platesetter, Panthera[R] 3322C digital inkjet label printer, and the Panthera[R] 3326V digital inkjet varnish press.
The subject of the invitation to tender is the purchase, delivery and installation of the large-format thermal platesetter "Screen PT-R 16000S" for digital imaging of thermal printing plates.
purchased an ECRM Mako News violet platesetter to image Replica HSV plates from Southern Lithoplate for the family owned company's new web-offset Goss Community SSC press.
For some commercial customers, the cost saving in using an ECRM platesetter (versus an industry competitor) can add up to as much as $1000+ dollars per year.
Running on the GENERATION NEWS Platesetter, X-speed, SONORA NEWS Plates image at up to 240 plates per hour, fast enough for some of the largest newspaper operations.
Supporting the Vx9600, V9600, Vx6000, V-8, Luxel News, and FFEI Alinte engines, Xitron has now completed support for virtually every Fujifilm platesetter model in use today.
Last year, Kodak introduced the Single Cassette Unit (SCU) automation option for the KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter, providing printers with a fourth automation option.
The Krause Smart'n'Easy Jet platesetter made its U.