platinum blonde

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plat′inum blonde′

(or blond′),

1. a person whose hair is a pale, silvery, often artificially colored blond.
2. a pale blond or silver color.
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Noun1.platinum blonde - a blond whose hair is a pale silvery (often artificially colored) blond
blond, blonde - a person with fair skin and hair
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And the platinum blonde tresses that made her stand out in Blondie's late 1970s heyday look in better shape than ever.
BEYONCE Chart-topper Beyonce also decided to try the platinum blonde look in February.
The two-night event puts the spotlight on four of the three-time Oscar-winner's most classic films in a lineup featuring AMERICAN MADNESS, FORBIDDEN, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, and PLATINUM BLONDE.
com/2014/11/11/short-hair-according-to-the-originals-star-natalie-dreyfuss/) interview last November, actress Natalie Dreyfuss admitted that she had platinum blonde hair when she started on the show.
8220;We've seen a huge trend for platinum blonde hair this spring, with women looking to emulate the glamour and style evinced by celebrities such as Rita Ora, and the playful, confident attitude of style icons such as Lady Gaga.
1911: Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter), the platinum blonde actress, was born in Kansas City.
The platinum blonde wore stark bangs, making sure to shield her eyes at the well-lit event with a pair of dark rounded sunglasses.
Rita, who is dating Scots music producer and DJ Calvin Harris, looked great for the shoot in a biker chic outfit, coupled with new platinum blonde bob.
She wore a white dress which almost matched her platinum blonde hair, showing she is well and truly gearing up for winter as some sort of beautiful snow queen.
Wearing a platinum blonde wig, knee high boots and that winning smile,
She had to dye her hair platinum blonde for The Delinquents and said to him, "I'm going suicide blonde today.
Cleopatra is a Jean Harlow look-alike, a platinum blonde with mountains of makeup.