platinum blonde

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plat′inum blonde′

(or blond′),

1. a person whose hair is a pale, silvery, often artificially colored blond.
2. a pale blond or silver color.
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Noun1.platinum blonde - a blond whose hair is a pale silvery (often artificially colored) blond
blond, blonde - a person with fair skin and hair
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The photo showed Curtis wearing a platinum blonde wig complete with braids and a dragon by her side to complete her khaleesi look from popular fantasy television series 'Game of Thrones.
Don't expect Moore to go back to her platinum blonde days, though.
If you want to make a real statement then a drastic colour like platinum blonde will do the job.
I predict a stampede for Debbie's silver potion from envious 50-plus viewers like me - because the brilliantly bendy platinum blonde has left us gasping with her awesome agility and incredible standing splits.
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 21 (ANI): 'Game of Thrones' star Emilia Clarke has shared her first picture with new platinum blonde hair.
Not to be left out, younger sister Bella snatched back the family crown by transforming her deep chocolate tresses and lightening up to a platinum blonde with a summery pink hue.
It shows the actor in a platinum blonde wig and heavy make-up, wearing gaudy jewellery, in a makeup room.
And the platinum blonde tresses that made her stand out in her 1970s heyday look in better shape than ever.
BEYONCE Chart-topper Beyonce also decided to try the platinum blonde look in February.
8220;We've seen a huge trend for platinum blonde hair this spring, with women looking to emulate the glamour and style evinced by celebrities such as Rita Ora, and the playful, confident attitude of style icons such as Lady Gaga.
1911: Jean Harlow (Harlean Carpenter), the platinum blonde actress, was born in Kansas City.