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(Chem.) the group of metallic elements which in their chemical and physical properties resemble platinum. These consist of the light platinum group, viz., rhodium, ruthenium, and palladium, whose specific gravities are about 12; and the heavy platinum group, viz., osmium, iridium, and platinum, whose specific gravities are over 21.

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Current clean diesel technology relying on platinum group metals (PGMs) is a viable option for sustainable transportation today and in the long term.
Previously Golden Harvest Global Corp, FRI has an functioning agreement with Zambales Diversified Metals Corp covering 3,765 hectares to explore, develop and use surface and underground chromite and other platinum group metals mineralization.
Three types of powder including nickel-based alloys with platinum and iridium are developed for formation using selective laser sintering- Samples of platinum group metal powder will begin to be provided starting December 1, 2014
has hired a British company to review its platinum group metals project east of Sudbury.
Gail Arnold, -e Platinum Group Manager, has now taken over the role of Chamber Patrons Manager.
Magmatic Platinum Group Element Environments in Canada: Present and Future Exploration Target Areas by Larry Hulbert Geological Association of Canada c/o Department of Earth Sciences Memorial University of Newfoundland St.
Impala, the second largest South African producer of the platinum group metals, purchased the right to subscribe for up to 20% of the equity capital of any mining operation established.
The European platinum group metals industry had total revenues of $4.
Letter Questions Whether Platinum Group Can be Trusted to Protect the Interests of Stockholders
Established in 1996 to explore and develop platinum group metals, copper and nickel mineral projects in the Sudbury basin, Wallbridge has since become Sudbury's third largest mining property landholder.
2 million ounces of platinum group elements and gold, and an inferred resource of 9.
The South African platinum group metals production industry had total revenues of $13.