Platonic love

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a pure, spiritual affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellences; - a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate.

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References in classic literature ?
After all, the philosopher endured this sort of platonic marriage very patiently.
Along the way she fell in love - several times - but it wasn't until the final episode that she realised her platonic marriage to the ever-faithful Edward Sexby was a sham and she really loved him.
I think this is what she should do because that would be a much better arrangement than a platonic marriage for all concerned.
His equally gigantic daughter, Isa, enters a strange platonic marriage with a much older man.
Streisand's third directing effort, after the musical ``Yentl'' and the psychological melodrama ``The Prince of Tides,'' it's a laughing-through-the-tears romantic comedy about an ugly duckling college professor (Streisand dressed down) whose platonic marriage to an intimacy-challenged colleague (Jeff Bridges) is threatened when she becomes, first, more sexual and then more sexy (Streisand dolled up).
They arrange a platonic marriage, split up, the frump has a Hollywood-style makeover and, well, you can probably guess the rest.
There are--as there have always been--marriages of convenience and marriages of common law; arranged marriages and platonic marriages and polygamous marriages.
based enterprise, emphasizes that the problems faced by people who want platonic marriages are so unique that it was necessary to form a contact-network geared specifically to their needs.