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n.1.(Mining) See Lodge, n.
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North, away yonder - you'll hear him tune up in a minute - is Tom Platt.
He's caught on good," said the scarred man, who was Tom Platt, watching him critically.
Git out o' here, Tom Platt, an' leave me fix the tables.
One, two, four - nine," said Tom Platt, counting with a practised eye.
Disko Troop, Tom Platt, Long Jack, and Salters went forward on the word.
Tom Platt an' dad they stow together, an' you'll hear 'em arguin'.
Dan and Manuel were down the hatch and at table ere Tom Platt, last and most deliberate of the elders, had finished wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.
In the hold there were tramplings and rumblings where Disko Troop and Tom Platt moved among the salt-bins.
You pitch to dad an' Tom Platt down the hatch, an' take keer Uncle Salters don't cut yer eye out," said Dan, swinging himself into the hold.
He was back in a minute with a big dipperful of stale brown water which tasted like nectar, and loosed the jaws of Disko and Tom Platt.
They ain't Damarskus figs, Tom Platt, nor yet silver bars.
There is one thing, I hope--that you don't show any of my letters to William Platt.