Platycladus orientalis

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Noun1.Platycladus orientalis - Asiatic shrub or small tree widely planted in United States and Europe; in some classifications assigned to its own genus
genus Thuja, Thuja - red cedar
arborvitae - any of several Asian and North American conifers of the genera Thuja and Thujopsis
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Platycladus is a distinct genus of evergreenconiferoustree in the cypress family Cupressaceae, containing only one species, Platycladusorientalis, also known as Chinese Arborvitae or Biota.
Untersuchungen zur Morphologie und Morphogenese der Samenzapfen yon Platycladus orientalis (L.
Oriental arborvitae (Thuja or Platycladus orientalis), a shrubby conifer, is easily recognizable for its pyramidal shape and scaly, yellow-green foliage.