v. t.1.To applaud.
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For one contrarian view, Plaud (1995) critiqued the psychological behaviorism of Staats.
Jasper's ex-wife, Karen Plaud Jasper, and his daughter, along with many others, posted photos of themselves with Mr.
onceWwon plaud with r mild d volum offer a While the overall sound won't necessarily win any plaudits from audiophiles, with relatively low output and mild distortion at the highest volume levels, they nevertheless offer a wide and pleasing sound.
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71) Ainsi que Sabine Plaud l'a tres bien montre dans sa these de doctorat.
For example, Plaud (1995) found that the formation of snake classes was inhibited in individuals with a snake phobia, but the formation of flower classes was not.
Yes, the usual plaud its will be heaped upon opposition for whom the term "plucky underdog" could almost have been invented.
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Andrea Plaud and Desiree Cramer share the role of Brigitta; Myrna Velasco and Sharon Fryer play Gretel; Ashley Moller and Kelsey Kirkpatrick are Marta; while Alex Bellisimo and Marie Wise-Hawkins play Louisa.