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(German ˈplauən)
(Placename) a city in E central Germany, in Saxony: textile centre. Pop: 70 070 (2003 est)


(ˈplaʊ ən)

a city in E Germany. 78,632.
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Plauen is home of a falconry and a bald eagle named Manitu.
Boss David Wagner has played a big part in the career of Lowe, who was born in Plauen in the old East Germany.
Auto Business News-May 22, 2014--MAN plans to move bus production from Neoplan's Plauen site
We now have parties seriously interested in all three production sites in Augsburg, Offenbach, and Plauen, with whom we are involved in ongoing negotiations," said auditor Werner Schneider of the law firm Schneider, Geiwitz & Partner.
Under the plans unveiled by the administrator, German industrial group L Possehl & Co MbH would buy Manrolanda[euro](tm)s paper printing machinery unit in Augsburg and potentially take the unit in Plauen at a later date.
Plauen Milt Gross Myron Waldman Istvan Szegedi Szuts Giacomo Patri and Laurence Hyde bring readers closer to the artists and their intent than one could have imagined in one compact beautifully-designed volume.
Meanwhile, a young girl's corpse was found in a plastic bag on a balcony in the eastern town of Plauen.
Helen has become a member of the International Submarine Connection Plauen, a memorial society that honours Hartenstein and his crew.
Plauen was best known as the artist of the 'Vater und Sohn' (Father and Son) series of weekly speechless cartoons that appeared in the Berliner Illustrierter from December 1934 until December 1937 and were subsequently reprinted, very successfully, as books.
In view of the number of orders expected, production started at the NEOPLAN plant in Plauen at the beginning of this year and also at TVM (Tovarna Vozil Maribor) in Slovenia, a co-operation partner which builds to NEOPLAN-specified quality standards.
The Vogtland South site on the A72 between Pirk and Plauen South was praised for its outside facilities, catering, friendly staff and toilet facilities.