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or pi·laff  (pĭ-läf′, pē′läf′) also pi·lau (pĭ-läf′, -lô′, -lou′, pē′läf′, -lô′, -lou′)
A steamed rice dish often with meat, shellfish, or vegetables in a seasoned broth.

[Ottoman Turkish pilâv (Modern Turkish pilaf), from Persian pilāw, pilaw, from Hindi pulāv, ultimately from Sanskrit pulākaḥ, ball of cooked rice, probably of Dravidian origin; akin to Tamil puṛukkal , cooked rice.]


or pi•laff

(ˈpi lɑf, pɪˈlɑf)

also pilau,

a Middle Eastern dish of rice cooked in bouillon, sometimes with meat or shellfish.
[1925–30; < Turkish pilâv < Persian pilāw]
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Noun1.pilaf - rice cooked in well-seasoned broth with onions or celery and usually poultry or game or shellfish and sometimes tomatoespilaf - rice cooked in well-seasoned broth with onions or celery and usually poultry or game or shellfish and sometimes tomatoes
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
bulgur pilaf - pilaf made with bulgur wheat instead of rice and usually without meat


pilaff [ˈpɪlæf] npilaf m
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