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[ˈpleɪdəʊ] npâte f à modeler
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Tweenies (two to three): have dressed up doing a treasure hunt and played with play dough.
When she came back to the breakfast table we asked her why she had taken so long to choose a present, especially as we all knew she would pick up the play dough anyway.
As you may already know, some commercial play dough is toxic for children so it's best to use a non-toxic version or, better yet, create your own at home
Arts, crafts, and games include play dough, puzzles, books, board games, painting, scrap books, and more.
His Secret Santa gifted him with a plastic reindeer that when tail is pressed, gives a chocolate dropping, and play dough with handwritten words that read "Luna's modelling kit.
These activities range from making edible play dough and homemade sidewalk chalk; to playing shoebox pinball and creating a balance beam obstacle course.
We were mobbed by excited children whose eyes lit up as we arrived at the camp in Suruc with the gifts, which also included books, paper, play dough, footballs and colouring pens.
PRISON officers foiled a suspected drug drop-off after they found a block of hash hidden in kids' play dough at a courthouse yesterday.
Parents have been warned that homemade play dough has enough salt to poison achild or a pet.
Other foods and related goods to keep out of reach include avocados, which cause stomach upset; salt, which can cause fatal neurological issues (children's play dough and paint balls contain high quantities); fruit pits and seeds, many of which contain toxins; macadamia nuts, which temporarily cause tremors, pain and weakness of the hindquarters; and raw bread dough, which can expand or even ferment in the stomach, causing serious issues.
The nursery parents were also given the opportunity to spend the morning in nursery while the children made winter sparkle pictures, played with pretend snow and made play dough winter pictures.
This is because the separation of the tectonic plates was thought to deform the magma like play dough in a partially molten state that would have broken them up.