little people

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little people


little folk

pl n
(European Myth & Legend) folklore small supernatural beings, such as elves, pixies, or leprechauns

lit′tle peo`ple
1. (in folklore) small, imaginary beings, as elves, fairies, or leprechauns.
2. the common people, esp. workers, small merchants, or the like, who lead conventional, presumably unremarkable lives.
3. small children.
4. midgets or dwarfs.
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Barry K Barnes and Diana Churchill starred in the comedy thriller The Body Was Well Nourished, followed by Fay Compton in new play Family Portrait.
25 CHILD'S PLAY FAMILY FUN HOME ESSENTIALS CLEANING UP |Mable-studded trouser belt, House of Fraser, was PS10, now PS5 SAVE: PS5
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Tradition goes to Pieces Jumbo Games has introduced iPieces which uses innovative technology and interactive counters to allow up to six players to play family favourite board games such as Snakes & Ladders and Air Hockey on the iPad.
For example, younger and newly arrived inmates are statistically more likely to participate in a play family than older inmates or those who have been in prison longer (Huggins et al.
Psychologists say children should read a book, sing or play family games instead.