play date

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play′ date`

or play′date`,

an appointment made by parents from separate families to have their young children play together.
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It was a first for us this week in Bahrain; we were invited out on a dog's beach play date.
Award-wining children's indie music performers Play Date (husband-and-wife team Greg Attonito, vocalist and singer/songwriter Shanti Wintergate) present We All Shine, their latest album filled with an eclectic variety of tracks.
As per the tabloid, Beyonce has set up a play date between her daughter Blue Ivy and Prince George during their next London visit scheduled at New Year's Eve.
The Ireland midfielder has left his six-week-old son Tommy at home with mom and little sister Ruby, while he eyes a play date with Cristiano Ronaldo next week.
com/user/PlaytexBaby) so women everywhere can log on and watch the moms discussing everything from play date etiquette to how to manage a diaper disaster
TODDLERS had a play date to remember when they visited Asda Living in Binley to celebrate the store's first mother and toddler event.
The Play Date Workshop - a parent workshop that teaches how to plan and implement a purposeful and meaningful play date or social group.
Why not organise your own fundraiser such as an afternoon tea, pamper night, coffee morning, community play date or sponsored buggy push in the park?
THE mum of tennis star Andy Murray visited a Merseyside nursery for a special play date.
Museum in Halifax celebrated National Play Day and Yorkshire Day with style, hosting a huge outdoor play date.
I LOVE it when we have visitors, but there's nothing like a play date to ensure the house is absolutely spotless.
Abdulla was among four players with the same points heading into the next play date.