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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: play - (American football) a play by the offensive teamfootball play - (American football) a play by the offensive team
audible - a football play is changed orally after both teams have assumed their positions at the line of scrimmage
touchback - (American football) a play in which the opposing team has kicked the football into your end zone
American football, American football game - a game played by two teams of 11 players on a rectangular field 100 yards long; teams try to get possession of the ball and advance it across the opponents goal line in a series of (running or passing) plays
play - a preset plan of action in team sports; "the coach drew up the plays for her team"
running, running game, running play, run - (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team; "the defensive line braced to stop the run"; "the coach put great emphasis on running"
passing, passing game, passing play, pass - (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate; "the coach sent in a passing play on third and long"
power play - a play in which there is a concentration of players in one location on the field of play; "they used a power play to return the kickoff"
handoff - (American football) a play in which one player hands the ball to a teammate
tackle - (American football) grasping an opposing player with the intention of stopping by throwing to the ground
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He set the tone by ripping off a 61-yard run on first play from scrimmage.
On New York's second play from scrimmage, Smith didn't see Mundy lurking in the flat as he floated a screen pass to Chris Johnson.
Manning set the mark on the last play from scrimmage for the Broncos before halftime, a 5-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas.
The second play from scrimmage saw Robin Carter sprint 46 yards into the end-zone for a touchdown.
After Hart carried for 11yards on the first play from scrimmage -- that would be his longest all day -- Michigan tried a run and a pass.
On the first play from scrimmage, Glasgow called a trick play, a reverse to speedster Ryan Hunter who ran a full 70 yards for the opening score.
The late touchdown was not the only big play for Jacksonville, who got a 77-yard scoring run from rookie running back Fred Taylor on the first play from scrimmage.
This game was a tie for less than two minutes as the Crusaders scored on their first play from scrimmage.
The game's second play from scrimmage featured a personal foul on UW guard Ryan Tolar for unnecessary roughness.
Moorpark wasted no time putting points on the board in the first half, recovering a Scorpions fumble on the third play from scrimmage and immediately following it up with a 30-yard touchdown run from Scott.
On the second play from scrimmage, Blankenship set the tempo by busting out for his long touchdown run.
Friday night, the defense's strength was felt on North's very first play from scrimmage, when a pass by Highlanders quarterback Dylan Lubonski was tipped by an onrushing Spartan, intercepted by defensive back Carson Kieswetter and returned for a touchdown.