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[ˈpleɪdəʊ] npâte f à modeler
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Buy One, Get One 50% off Toys, including Monster High Dolls, Fisher Price, Mega Bloks, Playdoh, WWE Action Figures and Marvel Avengers Action Figures
Attackers first capture real fingerprint then they make fake fingerprint by using silicon, playdoh and gelatin and try to access the system.
Leon Dixon, Eryn Chartlon, Joel Beard and Alfie Howard play together with the Playdoh
It can also be used as a handy mat for playdoh or plasticine modelling
Even the label on a tub of Playdoh - a non-edible product - tells you "contains wheat", just in case your child has an intolerance.
PLAYDOH and Lego are among the top selling toys at a Midland shop.
Made with just eggs and flour, our Merthyr wonder (pictured) said it needed to feel rubbery and elastic just like PlayDoh, so perhaps I could get my two kids to do it without even realising they were preparing their own tea.
Mohdoh was initially inspired by inventor Simon'smotherwhoput drops of lavender oil in his Playdoh to help calmher energetic son.
You know, the ones who grasp every wet afternoon with an excited fervour, relishing fresh opportunities to create some artistic masterpiece out of a couple of loo rolls and some Playdoh.
Daniel Mendel-Black, "The Paintings Are Alive" (Mandarin Gallery, Los Angeles) The eleven paintings in this show seemed to create a place for the palette of PlayDoh to oppress acrylic and oil into some perilous graphic universe of cynical optimism.
While working with several three-dimensional mediums including: clay, playdoh and wire, helped them become aware of spatial relationships.