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n.1.A writer of plays; a dramatist; a playwright.
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Sujoy Ghosh won the Best Screen Playwriter award for Kahni.
A literary-music evening dedicated to Kyrgyz national poet, playwriter and interpreter Alykul Osmonov took place in Kyrgyzstan Embassy to Russia.
Man of many talents, playwriter, director, actor Jacques Mushaandja will grace the stage this Friday as he performs at the Acoustic Friday Concert at the FNNC Terrace.
When there are only a few days to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the Sivas Madimak massacre, Serdar Dogan, a playwriter who was in Sivas during the incidents, told Milliyet daily newspaper about those days.
The Stage reviewer commented that 'Mr St Aubyn Miller draws without stint upon the familiar stock-in-trade of the melodramatic playwriter in this drama which contains very little that is original either in construction or story.
Throughout this time, Mr Philp kept his playwriting up and won the Most Promising Playwriter award at the 1951 Edinburgh Festival.
With the venue of Stratford we thought it was a back to the future kind of theme with Shapkespeare as the original playwriter going forward intothe future of film-making.
IT'S the home of the Beatles, quick wit, great playwriters, arguably football, and is a Capital of Culture.