Pleased to meet you

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Pleased to meet you   
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I'm right down pleased to meet you, Mistress Blythe; and I hope you'll be as happy as the first bride was who came here.
it is you, your honor," he said, advancing toward D'Artagnan; "and I am truly pleased to meet you.
He has created a new menu for Pleased to Meet You which will be available from Friday and bookings are being taken, including for Christmas Day, while a special drinks menu with a range of new cocktails has been created for Viceroy's.
Pleased to Meet You will be open throughout the expansion, with the new sections open for August bank holiday weekend.
Since opening in 2013 Pleased to Meet You has been listed in the top 100 bars in the UK and is currently in the regional finals of Great British Pub award 2015 in the best spirit bar category.
Vickie Joy, -oor manager at Pleased To Meet You, in High Bridge, said: "We are very happy about this.
She is just above knee high and is just so pleased to meet you she is beside herself with joy.
Shaikh Mohammed said: "I am very pleased to meet you again to emphasise our keen interest in communicating with you, listening to you, learning about your conditions and taking care of your interests and affairs in order to elevate the level of service to the nation and nationals.
Alvinos, As You Like It, Pleased To Meet You and Tokyo were chosen, while the city itself proved a big hit with judges.
Preparing for the competition staged by company Hi-Spirits, the bar tenders headed to High Bridge's Pleased To Meet You for a tasting session yesterday.
You can understand Prince William going along, because all star ship adventures have a prince and princess, at the very least, and think how better it will be when meeting aliens in a distant galaxy to be able to say, "I'm very pleased to meet you.