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1. A large heavy boat, usually having two masts and carrying lugsails.
2. A small open boat fitted with oars or sails, or both, and used primarily in shallow waters.

[Early Modern English, from French chaloppe, chaloupe, a kind of flat boat, shallop, from Middle French chaloppe, nutshell (from the shape of the boat's hull), from Old French eschalope : eschale, variant of escale, husk, shell; see skel- in Indo-European roots + -oppe as in enveloppe, covering (from enveloper, to envelop; see envelop).]


1. (Nautical Terms) a light boat used for rowing in shallow water
2. (Nautical Terms) (formerly) a two-masted gaff-rigged vessel
[C16: from French chaloupe, from Dutch sloep sloop]


(ˈʃæl əp)

any of various two-masted vessels used in previous centuries for sailing or rowing in coastal waters.
[1570–80; < French chaloupe < German Schaluppe sloop]
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WE have 60 new members of the Lucky White Heather Club those on board a pleasure barge in Lake Travis, Texas, who rushed to the side of the vessel hoping to catch a glimpse of sunbathers on a nudist beach named Hippie Hollow.
101) His post of Serjeant Trumpeter was a lucrative one, and he ran this pleasure barge 'as a speculative venture'.
Well-dressed and friendly locals were joined by tourists enjoying walks along the wide banks of the Neva River as pleasure barges served food and drinks to passengers taking in the city from the river.
The new canal will enable all pleasure barges to have access to the city.