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a.1.Affording pleasure.
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He lists the pure pleasures as 'those related to colours said to be beautiful, to shapes and smells and sounds, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the ones which have imperceptible and painless lacks and which provide perceptible and pleasureful fillings, 51b5-7); the last phrase can be taken to be epexegetical, revealing the entire category of pure pleasures to be preceded by imperceptible and painless lacks.
For audiophiles, the dynamic range and high-end production values behind this series will stand out and ensure a serious and pleasureful sonic workout for your high-end audio components.
C Blushcreme in Pleasureful and lips were natural in M.
The dual vocation idea allows for the recognition of dual responsibilities that avoids stereotyping work as pleasureful escape from the gratifying but demanding work of childcare.
We have something very pleasureful in common--our wonderful, most-looked-forward-to vacation, peace and quiet, worry free.